Why it’s not selfish to love yourself

As many of you know, I love my chickens…or chooks, as we call them here in Australia!

A few weeks ago Chummy, a magnificently plumed large grey chook, went clucky. She wouldn’t leave the laying box, sitting on all the eggs trying to hatch them. The only problem with Chummy’s maternal urge was the absence of a rooster, so instead I went to the local farm stock supplier and came home with four chirping, one-day old chicks for her to raise.

I moved Chummy into a secure area and introduced the new little chickadees at night once she was sleepy. Even though these little chicks had never seen their own mother or any other adult hen, they immediately went to her and burrowed in under her feathers and settled for the night … so very cute, as you can see!!

Next morning, Chummy (now known as Chummy Mummy, of course!) came into the garden with her chickadees and spent the day showing them how to scratch in the soil to find little bugs and and how to peck at the...

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