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You Don't Need to Justify Loving Yourself

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In this episode, Mary joins Claire Yee to dive deep into exploring the transformative power of loving ourselves for who we are without reason or justification but "just because"!

Key Points include

  • Why it's so freeing to love yourself without the need for reasons or justification. 
  • The power of giving yourself permission to love who you are regardless of any external factors.
  • Discover how breaking free from the mindset that you have to justify our self-love can lead to true and unconditional self-acceptance.
  • How your early experiences, upbringing, and societal norms shape your relationship with self-love.
  • How remembering how we felt about ourselves when we were little can help you to reconnect with that feeling to realise that love is your true essence.
  • The connection between self love and joy and how when you embrace loving yourself you hold the key to unlocking boundless joy and manifestation.

Reflections and actions

  1. How has the need for external validation and approval impacted your self-love journey?
  2. Can you recall a moment from your childhood when you felt an unfiltered sense of self-love? How does it feel to reconnect with that memory?
  3. What shifts in your daily life would occur if you embraced the idea of loving yourself "just because"?
  4. Think about moments when you've doubted your self-worth. How might your mindset change if you believed in your inherent worthiness and lovability?


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