Manifest You!

Discover the Missing Piece 


create the life you were always meant to live




Manifest You!

Discover the Missing Piece 
create the life you were
always meant to live


✓ Embody your spiritual wisdom

✓ Expand your Consciousness

✓ Elevate your manifesting

You have a deep knowing that there’s more to you but ...

  • You feel confused because you're doing all the "right things" in your spiritual practices but your life looks the same.

  • You're living life based on everyone else's expectations of who you should be and what you should do and you just don't want to keep doing it any more.

  • You have a gratitude practice but deep down you still feel like something's missing and you wonder what you're doing wrong.

  • You've been to psychics and healers to clear your past but you still feel stuck.

  • You know that there's so much more for you to share with the world but you just can't work out how to be that amazing you that you feel inside.

If you're nodding your head to any of these, you're in the right place!

When you embody your spiritual wisdom and infuse it into everything you do, you alter your consciousness and create a vibrational shift that flows into all areas of your life that enables you to ...

  • up-level your ability to manifest
  • access expanded intuition and guidance and
  • live your happiest life!

Three Simple Steps to Embody your Spirituality

Manifest a life you love and create a powerful uplift of energy for those around you when you learn our powerful 3 Step Process


It might be a cliché but creating a life infused with your spiritual wisdom begins with truly loving yourself to create the foundation for lasting change to flow out into all areas of your life.


From a place of Love, you can then open your heart and your energy to consistently tap into states of expanded consciousness and the guidance that’s always waiting for you.


When you embody Love & Connection, you step into the power to manifest a magical life  while creating a ripple that transforms your relationships and the collective energy of the world.

Hi there, we're Mary & Gary!

We show you how to create the life you were always meant to live when you connect with who you truly are and tap into the wisdom of your essence and the Universe.

Since 2008, we've taught thousands of people how to navigate life from a deeper place of peace and Knowing and to live from the expansive energy of the True Self, rather than the limitations of an outdated Taught Self.

We use our own connection to altered states of consciousness, including Expanded Intuition and the guidance we receive from our spirit guide, DZAR, to live a life that lights us up and creates a powerful ripple of Love, Connection, and Transformation in the world.

We're so excited that you're here and we look forward to sharing this magical journey with you!

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We know you can create the life you were always meant to live that lights you up and changes the world!

"I have been on a spiritual path all of my life and some paths have been like climbing mountains! The wisdom that is shared here speaks to that deep place in my heart and I now remember Who I Am in the Wholeness of my Being. The shifts I have experienced along the way have been beyond what words can express and it's all wrapped up with soo much, soo much fun and joy!!

Wendy, Australia

"The Saffron Heart energy has allowed me to shift old, limiting patterns of thoughts and beliefs and invite into my life more allowing, compassion, confidence and peace. The expansive message is so resonant and has opened new options to me for navigating this human journey. I'm so appreciative of Mary and Gary, the clarity of the teachings and all that they share with the world."

Elizabeth, USA