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Live a Happier Life!


Using our unique blend of Woo Woo that Works & Spirituality with a Twist

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It might be a cliché but a happier life begins with truly loving yourself which creates the foundation for lasting change to flow out into all areas of your life.


From a place of love, you can then open your heart to consistently tap into guidance from your intuition, your soul and the universe that’s always waiting for you.


As you do life is so much easier & happier and you create a magical ripple of love, connection and transformation for yourself, those you love and the world.

Do you have a deep knowing that there’s more to life than you're currently experiencing?

Perhaps you...

  • Use positive affirmations and have a gratitude practice but underneath it all you still feel unhappy and disappointed with your life
  • Have been to psychics and healers to clear things from your past that are holding you back but you still feel stuck and though your life is on loop
  • Find it hard to trust yourself and doubt that you can make the right decision because you’ve tried to change before and it hasn’t worked … and sometimes you’ve even felt like you went backwards after an initial high
  • Feel stuck living a life based on everyone else's expectations, rather than of your own creation.
  • Experience emotional and energetic ups and downs that you can’t seem to control. One minute you feel connected, the next you feel like you're back at the beginning.
  • Find yourself blending in and agreeing with the people around you rather than being true to yourself and sharing what you really feel and think.
If you answered yes to any of these, you're in the right place 💛

Hi there, we're Mary & Gary

We show people how to live happier lives by connecting with who they truly are to strengthen their intuition and tap into the wisdom of their Soul and the Universe.

Since 2008, we've worked [or more accurately played!] with thousands of people, from around the world, teaching them how to navigate life from a deeper place of Knowing so that they can live from their True Self, rather than who they've been taught to be.

We use our intuition and the guidance we receive from DZAR, our spirit guide [who doesn't like spirituality!], to live a life that lights us up and creates a powerful ripple of Love, Connection and Transformation out into the world. We're so excited to share it with you!

Still curious? Read more about us here.

We know you can create a happy and fulfilling life that lights you up and changes the world!

"I have been on a spiritual path all of my life and some paths have been like climbing mountains! The wisdom that is shared here speaks to that deep place in my heart and I now remember Who I Am in the Wholeness of my Being. The shifts I have experienced along the way have been beyond what words can express and it's all wrapped up with soo much, soo much fun and joy!!

Wendy, Australia

Be the Light & the Catalyst for Change that You Came Here to Be.

Join Our Vibrant Facebook Community

Be the Light & the Catalyst for Change that You Came Here to Be.

Join Our Vibrant Facebook Community

"The Saffron Heart energy has allowed me to shift old, limiting patterns of thoughts and beliefs and invite into my life more allowing, compassion, confidence and peace. The expansive message is so resonant and has opened new options to me for navigating this human journey. I'm so appreciative of Mary and Gary, the clarity of the teachings and all that they share with the world."

Elizabeth Gill, USA