Are you ready to create a life that Lights you up?

But feel exhausted doing all the "right" things to consistently bring your Light and spiritual Knowing into all areas of your life with little success?

Stop trying to work it all out on your own!

There is an easier way to take your spiritual practices off your mat and into your life when you combine proven processes, coaching and a heart-based community.


A Paradigm Shift to Unlock Potential

Watch the full TEDx talk in the FREE Saffron Heart Membership


Watch the full talk in the FREE Saffron Heart Membership

We get it ... we've been there too!

You've been searching and trying so many things for years [and years] and yet your life just doesn't seem to change ...

It's frustrating and heart-breaking because you KNOW there's more of you to enjoy and to share with those you love and with the world but not matter what you do your past just keeps following you into every new situation sucking the joy and Light out of your life.

So we want to share with you the practical spiritual tools that have changed our lives [as well as the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life around the globe] so you can stop searching and start creating a life that Lights you up!

Join our FOREVER FREE Membership for instant access to ...

WEBINARS high on value and low of fluff (!) with practical steps to create changes in your relationships, in how you manifest and so much more!

PODCASTS that will challenge outdated ideas about karma, negative energies, soul mates [and more!] so that you can take new actions to create new results

PLUS you'll learn the powerful Saffron Heart Movements [channeled by Mary] that are a simple daily practice to enhance your connection to guidance and to your Light

Create a life that Lights you [and the world] up with WOO WOO THAT WORKS!


Is Your PastSTILL Holding You Back?

Do you feel like no matter how many layers of blocks you elease, you can never quite move past them once and for all?
Your past life decisions that keep you small and 'safe' can continue to play out, causing you to feel like you've got one foot constantly on the break.
Learn how you can clear your past life patterns and create a beautiful life, free of restriction and doubt.



Meet Mary & Gary

Mary & Gary O’Brien are energy collaborators. They show people all around the world how to work with energy to integrate spiritual knowing and wisdom into everyday life using their unique model of understanding called The Bridge of Collaboration.



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