it's your turn to SHINE!

When you connect deeply with who you truly are, you create a field of love and connection that allows your Light to shine.


Isn't it time to break free from the shackles that have kept you trapped so you can experience more joy, magic and beauty in your life?





For too long you've known that you're not fully living life as the extraordinary Light you came here to be!

Join SHINE!The Saffron Heart’s proven approach of workshops and coaching to clear the blocks of fear and self-doubt that are sabotaging your life so you can connect with who you truly are and start living a life that Lights you up ... because it's never too late to SHINE!


I'm ready to SHINE!

We get it ... we've been there too!


You've been searching and trying so many things for years [and years] and yet your life just doesn't seem to change ...

It's frustrating and heart-breaking because you KNOW there's more of you to enjoy and to share with those you love and with the world but not matter what you do the blocks from your past just keep following you into every new situation sucking the joy and Light out of your life.

So we want to share with you the practical spiritual tools that have changed our lives [as well as the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life around the globe] so you can stop searching and start living a life that Lights you up ... because the extraordinary Light that you are is there waiting to SHINE!


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We believe life is meant to be joy-filled!

We lead a vibrant global community of people of all ages and from all walks of life who are committed to taking their spiritual wisdom off their mats and into all areas of life and to expanding the frequency of Love and Connection across the planet.

Our courses weave together a unique mix of profound wisdom and playfulness that makes the information easy to understand and use so that you can deepen your connection to your Light and your Beauty that is ready and waiting for you.

"I've done many, many classes and read many, many books ... and I've learnt more and changed more than in any other class that I’ve taken."

Mary T, USA

"Mary and Gary have helped me to open up possibilities for my life and ways of living beyond what I had previously been able to conceive for myself. The Saffron Heart has become spiritual family, and the place I go to be reminded of who I truly am."

Meegan, New Zealand


Resources for every stage of your self-discovery AND lasting transformation.

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"I used to feel really trapped in many areas of life which came from childhood but now it just doesn’t come up, it's not an issue and I'm so much happier."

Sue, Australia

"I really struggled to find like-minded people to have the deeper conversations with but I found that here with the Saffron Heart community and Mary & Gary."

Lara, UK