Mary & Gary O’Brien are energy collaborators. They show people all around the world how to work with energy to integrate spiritual knowing and wisdom into every day life using their unique model of understanding called The Bridge of Collaboration.

Their simple yet profound energy-based approach enables you to embody your Knowing of who you truly are and to live joyfully as that extraordinary Light and Beauty.

The information and processes they share comes direct from Source via the channelled energy they collaborate with called DZAR. For the last 10 years, Mary & Gary have shared these teachings to their global community in live and online events centred around direct channeling from DZAR.

They lead a vibrant global community and in December 2012 were key speakers and facilitators at the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality in India, an event endorsed by HH the Dalai Lama. They have spoken at the Edgar Cayce Centre in NYC, the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY and many other centres throughout the USA, Europe and Australasia and are being featured in the upcoming documentary “They Call Us Channelers” due for release in October this year.
Also trained in a variety of modalities and traditions from east and west, they share their love of life, of each other and of being on this journey of energy collaboration so that you can experience your own joy-filled version of it as well.


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