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Manifest using Expanded Gratitude

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Join Mary and Gary as they delve into the popular topic of gratitude and its role in manifesting a life you love. They offer insights into why some gratitude practices may fall short and reveal the secret to unleashing their full potential using the Expanded Gratitude Practice to align your vibration with the energy of creation.

While traditional gratitude practices focus on being thankful for things that you’ve received or experienced, the Expanded Gratitude Practice recognises that we are co-creators of our reality, and that we play a role in bringing the things we are grateful for into our lives.

 Key points include:

  • Why a gratitude practice is a powerful tool for transformation by increasing your sense of well-being and happiness.
  • The link between gratitude practice and your energy and how you do a 
  • Discover the essential piece that’s missing from most gratitude practices.
  • What's the powerful mindset shift that underpins an Expanded Gratitude Practice and how it manifests a different energy and vibration
  • The link between self love, worthiness and an Expanded Gratitude Practice
  • The transformative potential of collaboration with the universe and empower you to manifest your happiest life
  • The powerful three-step process to elevate gratitude to its full potential as a manifestation tool

 The Expanded Gratitude Practice

  1. Recognise the thing you are grateful for and express it, e.g., "I am grateful for my loving relationship."
  2. Acknowledge and accept your role in creating that experience. Realise that you are not merely a passive recipient of luck, but an active player in the manifestation of that reality.
  3. Expand gratitude to include appreciation for yourself, your worthiness, and your part in the creation process.

When you shift gratitude from a passive "thank you" to an active collaboration, you can experience a more profound sense of fulfilment and creative potential in your life.

This Expanded Gratitude Practice allows you to recognise your power as a collaborator and co-creator with the Universe as you embrace a more empowered way of living. 

 Reflections and actions

  • Take some time to practice expanded gratitude today. Think of something that you're grateful for and then acknowledge your role in creating it.
  • Feel your energy shift when you take gratitude to the next level and become a collaborative co-creator of your reality.
  • Do you feel more empowered and more connected to your own self worth? What feels different about the thing you are grateful for?
  • Continue to practice Expanded Gratitude on a regular basis and notice how it transforms your life.


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