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Can You Be Too Spiritual?

Can You Be Too Spiritual?


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In this episode of the Manifest Your Happiest Life podcast, hosts Mary and Gary delve into the topic of being too spiritual and how it can hinder personal growth and fulfillment. They explore the tendency to separate the physical and spiritual aspects of life and the resulting challenges that arise. Through the concept of the Bridge of Collaboration, they discuss the importance of finding balance and embracing both the human and spiritual sides of our existence. Join Mary and Gary as they offer actionable strategies for stepping into the light, beauty, and magic of your True Self.

Episode Highlights:

  • Recognizing the pitfalls of being overly spiritual and disconnected from the physical world
  • Understanding the duality of human and spiritual existence
  • Introducing the Bridge of Collaboration as a framework for balance and integration
  • Embracing the collaborative dance between the physical and energetic aspects of self
  • Shifting from an either-or mentality to an inclusive and expansive perspective
  • Using the Bridge of Collaboration as a tool for awareness and self-reflection
  • The transformative power of balancing the physical and spiritual realms

Tune in to this in-lightening episode and discover how you can transcend the limitations of being too spiritual so you can manifest your happiest life.

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