Change the energy of your relationships to experience more LOVE, JOY and SUPPORT in all areas of your life.

17 - 19 JANUARY 2020

Relationship Retreat - Australia

Repentance Creek, New South Wales, Australia (closest airport is Byron Bay)

Retreat Begins Friday 17 January 2020 at 12:30pm
Retreat Ends Sunday 19 January 2020 at 5pm


Our annual Relationship Retreat is the perfect way to start your year with a fresh perspective on your relationships with yourself, with your partner and family, with your work, your body and with the world around you.

Most people’s relationships are unbalanced in some way. You might be the kind of person who gives more than you receive and you feel taken advantage of. Or maybe you are always the listener but never seem to be heard. Or maybe your relationship with yourself is unbalanced so that you focus more on judging yourself rather than recognising all that the aspects of you that are there to celebrate and be joy-filled about!

The good news is that whatever your current experience of relationships is, it can be changed!




Imagine your life filled with relationships that supported you to be more of the true you, to be the best version of yourself. When we talk about support, we don’t mean the kind of support that’s like a crutch because there’s something wrong with you or you can’t do it on your own! Not at all!!

In this Retreat, you’ll be stepping into the frequency of SUPPORT that is a COLLABORATION and a PARTNERSHIP that allows everyone in the relationship to grow and authentically express who they truly are.

From this new energy, you will create relationships that are authentic, that are deeply satisfying, that bring you joy and allow you to grow … in short, relationships that reflect all of the Light and Beauty that you are!

Whatever your current experience of relationships, this powerful and interactive weekend Retreat will recalibrate and strengthen your relationship with yourself and who you are in your relationships with others using new understandings, energy clearings and processes that you can continue to use after you go home. 

So whether you're due for a major relationship overhaul or if you're happy with your relationships and you just want to expand and deepen the love and joy in your life even more then this powerful Retreat is for you!

“The Relationships Course opened up new vistas of what relationship could be for me, whether intimate, friendship or business. I got to look at my relationship with my body and I had an amazing revelation that my body wanted me to love it. So, I started loving my body and health issues started clearing up “magically.”

Also, I have not been in an intimate relationship in awhile. Just recently I met a woman who has become the love of my life. The heart/love energy between us is astonishing! My ability to be so open with her is partly due to the work I did in this course as I had to first be intimate with me, to love me so I could love her. I am in awe.” Bill, USA (online participant)

This Retreat is for you if you are ready to create relationships that are authentic, that are deeply satisfying, that bring you joy and allow you to grow … in short, relationships that reflect all of the Light and Beauty that you are!

"The Relationship Retreat in 2018 was my first introduction to DZAR, Mary, Gary and other attendees. I was made to feel welcome and I met people who will be friends forever. The Retreat gave me tools which allowed me to reconnect to me. This may sound weird but if you’re like me you may have found yourself so involved with work, bills and other stresses that you forgot to slow down and be you…just you. It has changed how I view and live my life, because now I choose to allow instead of struggling against everything." Kathryn, Australia

"The Relationships Retreat not only allowed me the space to connect with hearts like mine, it also allowed me the space to connect with me with a deep acceptance. The strength and compassion I experienced renewed my relationship with myself and has also had a ripple out effect into other areas of my life.

Since then I've found a vastly better work environment, more balance in my life, oh! and I also got married and bought a house!

My husband was on the retreat too and he has grown exponentially in himself and how he now navigates life from a space of self-love and allowing. Needless to say, it's also brought us closer together."

Meegan, New Zealand

Your Retreat Registration includes ...

  • a complete audio and video library of all Retreat sessions
  • a follow-up online Q&A webinar in early February
  • frequency processes and energy alignments from DZAR and Teo Ma Pua (the Earth)
  • a powerful didgeridoo sound bath
  • gourmet lunches and dinners each day made from delicious fresh local produce
  • evening activities (optional)
  • love, laughter and lots of hugs!!

Can't make it to Australia for the Retreat? Don't worry! Keep reading to find out how you can attend online.

"Traveling from the US to Australia to attend a DZAR retreat allowed me to fulfill a lifetime dream of seeing part of the continent Down Under. More than that, I got to see Australian Dzarians in their native habitat (: D) and get a sense of life in Oz. This helped to cement friendships that I had enjoyed online with some people for years, and with others whom I had only met 6 months before. In any case, the camaraderie was over the top.

From a personal development perspective, working with DZAR and Mary & Gary is always an invaluable experience. The processes evolve, bringing out some new aspect, delving into some heretofore unacknowledged issue. But they are always fitting and meet every individual right where they are. Whenever I attend a DZAR workshop, I always experience shifts. I continue to move closer to who I really AM."


"What did I gain from the retreat? My first response is to say I gained more joy, clarity and inner peace. There was mostly laughter and light-heartedness as well as some tears of tenderness.

The gains from the retreat have kept expanding in a quiet and peaceful way. To the point where I am feeling more flexible about my decision to stay single for the rest of my life. I cannot emphasise enough how terrifying the prospect of being in a long-term relationship was to me before the retreat. Let's just say watch this space to see what will evolve. The movements we learned keep opening my heart space even if my overthinking brain doesn't want any open heart business going on. Lovingly my overthinking brain is learning to relax. Such a relief!"

Nessi, Australia

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"Being present in person or online it makes no difference. The experience of sharing and connecting is equally intense." Geerteke, online 2018 Retreat Participant from The Netherlands


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