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2020 Energy Alignment Package

Align with the Energy of 2020

In this powerful 3-part webinar series you receive energy activations that will align you with the creative and supportive Energy of 2020 for your own shifts and for the broader human collective.

Each webinar includes

  • An energy activation directly channeled from Teo Ma Pua, the Earth to create new connections between your Personal Energy Field and the Infinite Field
  • New understandings about what is happening in the world at this time and how you can be part of the collective shift to community and collaboration
  • Simple daily practices to use to physically embody your aligned energy 

Switch Your Future Timeline Webinar Series

In this powerful 4-part webinar course you will work with deep understandings and specific frequency chants given by the Earth, Teo Ma Pua, so that you can expand beyond the 4 Key Energies of Restriction & Denial that are keeping you trapped on a timeline being created from your past.

Guided by DZAR and in collaboration with Teo Ma Pua, the Earth, you will …

  • Learn about the 4 Key Energies of Restriction & Denial that are held in the Earth’s Collective Energy Field for Humanity that are holding you hostage
  • Learn about the 4 Key Energies of Creating & Allowing that will release you from the stuck collective energy patterns that are sabotaging your attempts to create change in your life
  • Experience a powerful group Energy Clearing from Teo Ma Pua for each Restrictive & Denial Energy to shift the restriction from the collective Energy field of the group and from your Energy field
  • Receive a frequency chant for each specific Energy of Creating & Allowing so that you can continue to grow the new energy of you that will manifest your future timeline
  • Receive powerful physical movements that you can combine with the chants of Creating & Allowing that will continue to expand the cleared energy you can use to create a new future timeline for yourself and for the collective human field

These webinars are profound clearings and openings and the direct transmissions from the Earth will change your energy field and shift you to a new future timeline.

What People Are Saying:

“This gift I have given myself (giving myself back to myself) has spontaneously released and transformed all previous self-neglect...thank you DZAR, Teo Ma Pua, Gary and Mary. Most of all I acknowledge appreciation of the wonderful being that is Who I Know Myself To Be. 💖”

Vanessa, Australia

“I’m so so grateful for this program already, I don’t have the words to express the love I feel. I’m sooo excited for the group clearings as well!”

Nataly, USA

“I feel like I have waited for this piece - of letting go of all that I am not - of Allowing my Wholeness .... for .... ever 🙏💛 And the world and I now feel so beautifully different. Like I have been holding my breath and now I can breathe. 💗 THANKYOU!!!!”

Wendy, Australia