The Power of Loving Yourself for just $44

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The Power of Loving Yourself Online Course

Can you really change your life in just one minute each day? Yes you can!

Just by spending one minute each day with a focus on loving yourself, you begin to shift your energy and how you see and feel about yourself.

This Practical & Life-changing Course Includes:

  • 11 video workshops
  • Audio downloads of all sessions which include meditations & practices to use as your daily practice
  • Practical guidance and tools to build your Self Love and to share Love with the world

Lesson Summary:
Lesson 1 …. Why Loving yourself matters
Lesson 2 … How to be Compassionate to yourself
Lesson 3 … What stops you Loving yourself
Lesson 4 … The Power of noticing your Beauty
Lesson 5 … Deepen your Love of Self
Lesson 6 … The connection between your physical self and your Energetic Self
Lesson 7 … How to share Love with others
Lesson 8 … Collectively sharing the Saffron Heart Energy with the World
Lesson 9 … What’s blocking you from Loving yourself
Lesson 10 … Moving from pain to Love
Lesson 11 … What to do Loving yourself feels selfish

What People Are Saying:

“I finished the Power of Loving Yourself video course, and I had to write in to tell you how wonderful it was! When I (finally allowed myself to 🙄) follow the first piece, and set an alarm for myself, within 4-5 days I was joyfully slipping towards to gentle, lyrical alarm I chose, and fully engaged in a few moments of simply loving me! Employing the other tools have also been transformative, but none so much as the Saffron Heart. I’m welling up just writing about it! It’s a true gift from the heavens, and brings immense peace and joy. I am deeply in love with Gary and Mary. I often hear their voices in my head during the day, gently steering me towards more compassion, and what better place to begin then with oneself.”

Trish H

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