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Automatic Writing Masterclass

Automatic writing has been used for centuries as a simple and reliable way to tap into the larger field of information that you may not have access to via your own thinking or intuition.

It is an ancient skill that you can use as a powerful tool for growth and transformation.

It is a powerful way to

  • connect with your Higher Self, your guides and universal energies
  • gain clarity on relationships and challenges in your life
  • break through creative blocks
  • and most importantly gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

This Masterclass shares the Saffron Heart’s unique and proven approach that has previously only been taught to their advanced students.

The Masterclass includes:

  • Detailed instructional videos with Mary & Gary.
  • A PDF download of the Automatic Writing Process for easy reference.
  • A relaxing 5 minute subliminal audio that you can download and use, to quickly drop into the expanded space of your heart and open the communication portal.
  • Advanced tips to fine-tune your Automatic Writing practice.


Automatic writing is also called guided or channeled writing

What People Are Saying:

Since using the Automatic Writing process I’ve had a week of so many coincidences!


It’s just been awesome, I’ve had so much more clarity.


I've started with automatic writing, I was going to write in my journal and I received a message to use my left hand, did so and away it went! I asked 'Anything I need to know?' and received questions and answers, all around safety, how to open up etc. It has been amazing! Synchronicities keep rolling in and I am very excited for the future.