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Universal Energies for Healing & Wholeness Online Course

In this 13 Module Online Course you will learn about the powerful UNIVERSAL ENERGIES that DZAR calls the Realms of Creation and discover HOW TO USE THEM for YOURSELF and OTHERS to clear the blocks that hold you back.

Modules include...

  1. The Saffron Heart – the Light of Knowing that exists within us all. Use this Energy to shine your Light in all areas of your life and to share it with others and the Earth.
  2. The Realm of Magenta – the powerful new frequency paradigm you can work with to move from healing to Wholeness for yourself and others.
  3. The Realm of Lavender – use this frequency to tap into Creation’s Love and Compassion. Grow your love for who you truly are so that you can receive more Love and share more Love with others.
  4. The Realm of Turquoise – this frequency can help you to express your Voice of Knowing and your Light with more clarity and joy.
  5. The Realm of Green – tap into your Energetic Wisdom and Knowing for guidance and experience the peace that comes when you shift from doubting and second guessing yourself.
  6. The Realm of Orange – understand and heal your relationships with new understandings of this powerful frequency and create more authentic relationships and connections in all areas of your life.
  7. The Realm of Red – deepen how you work with any modality and take your work with any modality and your ability to communicate with Energy to a new level of understanding and clarity.
  8. The Realm of Blue – use this frequency to deepen to your connection to messenger energies including angels, guides and more as you expand beyond your current ability.
  9. The Realm of Black - tapping into the vastness
  10. Realm Q+A Session with DZAR – recorded as a Facebook live session, watch as participants have their questions … which may also be yours! … about how to get the most out of working with these powerful Universal Energies.
  11. Using the Realms in Your Life – learn how to work more deeply with these Universal Energies in your own life in this in-depth class including a Daily Practice to strengthen your ability to connect
  12. Using the Realms with Others – learn how to collaborate with the Realms to share them with another person from a distance
  13. Using the Realms Q+A with DZAR – fine-tune your understanding and abilities as you hear the answers to the questions  asked by people like you who have been learning to work with the Universal Energies of Love and Compassion

What People Are Saying:

It is truly extraordinary hanging out with the Realms. I use to feel lonely. Now if I do - I go and chat with the Realms. Well I chat and they smile and give me a feeling of so much love in my heart.

Kerri, Australia