Walk in the Footprints of Light for just $97

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Walking in the Footprints of Light Package

Create change with 3 LIVE WEBINARS with DZAR & Teo Ma Pua + the Universal Energies for Healing & Wholeness Course + 14 life-changing webinars!

The package includes...

TWO WEBINARS with DZAR, Teo Ma Pua & Mary to...

  • Uncover how your journey began following in the footprints of the Wisdom Keepers who walked the Earth to awaken humanity to its true Light and Compassion over 75,000 years ago
  • Receive an Energy Clearing from the Earth to open you to experience more of your own Light and Knowing
  • Be guided back to the lifetime when you were first began your journey following in the Footprints of Light to share your Light with the world so that you can follow your path even more clearly in this life.
  • Be given the beautiful Chant of Remembering from the Earth that you can use to access even more of your ancient wisdom after the course
  • Receive your individual connection with the most potent Realm of Creation for you at this time in your journey directly from the Earth so that you can work with it to expand and move beyond the restrictions you currently experience

A LIVE WEBINAR with DZAR & Mary about the Realm of Black .. the most recent Universal Energy that has come forward to work with.

13 MODULE ONLINE COURSE to learn about the powerful UNIVERSAL ENERGIES that DZAR calls the Realms of Creation and discover HOW TO USE THEM for YOURSELF and OTHERS to clear the blocks that hold you back. 

The Realms of Creation can be used to...

  • Gain clarity and guidance at times when you feel stuck or confused
  • Shift experiences of physical and emotional pain or discomfort
  • Connect more deeply with others and with your own essence
  • Enhance your work with any energy modality
  • Express your true voice and self more clearly and fully
  • Deepen your connection to all messenger energies such as angels and guides
  • Live more fully from your own Knowing and higher guidance without distraction from your doubts or inner critic


Be warmly welcomed into the extraordinary Global Campfire Community that gathers online twice a month for interactive live webinars with DZAR and Mary.

These interactive webinars (join live or listen back to the mp3 download later) will continue to expand your understanding of who you are and deepen your abilities to collaborate with the Universal Energies of Love and Compassion and with the Earth.


Receive a special mp3 audio library of 14 life-changing Campfire webinars that provides specific guidance and energy transmissions to help you move into an even clearer connection to your own energy and the Universal Energies for Healing and Wholeness.

Topics including...

  • Creating your Future
  • Freeing Yourself from your Past
  • How to Shift Emotions
  • Clearing Energy Blocks
  • Why your Past Lives Matter
  • Understanding Shame & Regret
  • And many more!
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