Switch Your Future Timeline for just $97 USD

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Switch Your Future Timeline

This webinar package includes profound energy clearings that will change your energy field and shift you onto a new future timeline.

What you'll get:

  • 4 LIVE WEBINARS WITH DZAR AND THE EARTH to remove the Energy of Humanity’s 4 Key Restrictions from your Energy Field to Switch Your Future Timeline
  • LIVE GLOBAL WEBINAR SERIES (August & September2019 )with the extraordinary Global Campfire Community that gathers online twice a month for interactive live webinars with DZAR and Mary *
  • THE UNIVERSAL ENERGIES FOR HEALING & WHOLENESS 13 Module Online Course you will learn about the powerful UNIVERSAL ENERGIES that DZAR calls the Realms of Creation and discover HOW TO USE THEM in your life for YOURSELF and OTHERS to clear the blocks that hold you back.
  • "SHIFT YOUR FUTURE" Webinar Library of 10 specially curated life-changing mp3 webinars with DZAR that provides specific guidance and energy transmissions to help you shift your timelines into a new future.

* For new Campfire Members only

What People Are Saying:

“The meditation yesterday was AMAZING! So freeing to release the past like that 👏 I did it again last night and felt even stronger in my Whole Light! The chant is amazing to keep listening to also xx”

Claire, New Zealand

“I can’t think of anything that I have done that feels so profound and freeing 🌸 It feels, for me that I have waited for this piece - in Allowing Me (beyond what I thought and all that I’m not) .... for ... ever. THANK YOU ”

Wendy, Australia

“1st Webinar was amazing... still is amazing when re-listening. Life is becoming clearer and clearer. At this moment my physical 'me' seems in a process of releasing self-neglect. . . doubt. . . lack. . . fear. The last of the 4 keys seemingly being the root of all evil. Creating also a feeling of lack of safety.”

Geerteke, Netherlands