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Learn the secrets directly from Source to manifest the life you came here to live! 


Take a few minutes to watch Mary's short video  to get a quick overview and feel for what happens in the live MANIFEST YOU! workshop.

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If you can feel the yearning within you to see your Light and your extraordinary essence being reflected back to you in everything you create in your life then you're in the right place! 

It's time for a different approach.

Not one that teaches more meditation or visualisation or positive thinking.

But one that unlocks the magic within you to create the life you were always meant to be living.

A life filled with love and joy and abundance in all things that is a match for the Light you feel within you! 🌟

Our Woo Woo that Works method combines practical techniques with powerful frequency shifts based on the teachings from our Spirit Guide, DZAR.

And we know it works because our students create changes like ...

  • creating a new loving relationship that is supportive and fun
  • healing family breakdowns and rifts
  • clearing credit debt
  • leaving a toxic workplace and finding a better job after feeling stuck for years
  • finding more ease and flow in their parenting
  • and much more!

Why this course is for you

If you're ready to create your own magic then we'd love to show you how on our live and interactive MANIFEST YOU! workshop which includes

  • Live access to a 90 minute interactive workshop with Mary & Gary.
  • The proven Aligned Manifestation Method, a step by step process for consistent manifestation.
  • Time to ask your questions so you can move from frustration to magic in your manifesting! 💫
  • An mp3 of a belief-busting subliminal manifestation meditation that includes a powerful Solfeggio frequency to help you shift your vibration. 🎶
  • Video replay so that you can review and deepen your understanding of everything you've learnt.

This powerful information and personalised support for a limited time you can SAVE 60% and join for ONLY $37.

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Remember a replay is available if you can't make it live

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The MANIFEST YOU! workshop is only being offered live in March

After March it will be a pre-recorded course which means you won't get the coaching and support to really fine-tune and turbo your manifestation magic!

And to be clear ... this is not a workshop where we pretend to be there with you but you're actually watching a replay! 🤥

We really will be answering your questions so be sure to choose a time where you can join us live!

A replay link will be provided if you can't be there but magic happens when Mary & Gary can answer your manifestation questions live on the workshop!

This powerful information and personalised support is normally $97 but for a limited time you can SAVE 60% and join for ONLY $37.

Hi there, we're Mary & Gary!

Our passion is to show you how to create the life you were always meant to live when you connect with who you truly are and tap into the wisdom of your essence and the Universe.

Since 2008, we've taught thousands of people how to navigate life from a deeper place of peace and Knowing and to live from the expansive energy of the True Self, rather than the limitations of an outdated Taught Self.

We use our own connection to altered states of consciousness, including Expanded Intuition and the guidance we receive from our spirit guide, DZAR, to live a life that lights us up and creates a powerful ripple of Love, Connection, and Transformation in the world.

We're so excited that you're here and we look forward to sharing this magical journey with you!

We know you're committed to taking responsibility for your life and while we have hundreds of stories from students that our approach works, your results ultimately depend on the effort you put in. So get ready to shape your reality in alignment with your Light!🌟