Shift your Energy ... Release your Light

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of your life? Are you looking for guidance and clarity to help navigate challenging patterns and experiences? Are you ready to live your life as the person you know you are deep down but find it difficult to be all of the time?

If you are, then a Guidance Session with DZAR and Mary will help you to do just that as you engage in your own personal conversation with DZAR, a compassionate Spirit Guide, and Mary as you work with them to create profound changes in your life.


Watch Mary as she explains more about what happens in a Guidance Session


As DZAR says…

“In your individual sessions, we have an expanded Frequency Conversation with you in which we listen to your words and your Energy. We begin by describing your Energy and because Energy reflects Energy, Young Ones, so much is revealed and understood in just that piece. We then work with you to change your Energy during the session so that you can more clearly feel your Light and the Beauty that you truly are.

We give you Practices to use to build on the changes we begin together. For it is indeed like a mini-course created just for you. Its power is not simply that you are speaking to us, the power is that you have made the decision to reconnect to your Light and that you are ready to begin to live without a past. This is why you are talking to us, even though initially you may think it is about problems you are experiencing. In the end they all come back to you connecting with your Light and the eternal Essence of you that you truly are and not to the you that you think you are because of the experiences from your past.

The power will always be with those who are asking, the power will always be with those who engage in the Practices and take control of their own lives. We are here to guide you and help you along your way, but the journey has always been and will always be yours to undertake … and we wish you to know, Young Ones, that it is not a journey you undertake alone for when you step on this path you are supported by the love and Compassion of the Universe itself and you are never alone.” DZAR


Special Package Offer

Combine your powerful Guidance Session with the in-depth Learn to Communicate with your Soul online course to really enhance your ability to find your own answers and tap into your Soul's wisdom.


Your Guidance Session includes ...

via email to help stay focussed on your true expression of Self in the midst of your busy life. DZAR’s quotes are not just words but also carry a expansive Frequency transmission that supports you to become the change you seek.

All the information, processes and practices shared during the Campfire webinars help you to accelerate and deepen your connection to your Light and to experience more peace, joy and freedom in your life.

If you have any questions about your Session when you are listening back to it, we’re here for you! Just email your questions and you’ll receive addition clarification on what was shared for up to 14 days after your Reading. Please note this does not include asking new or additional questions.

How it works

Your Guidance Session with DZAR & Mary is conducted via (a free video app) or phone to anywhere in the world. Each Session typically lasts 30 - 40 minutes. The mp3 recording of the session plus any additional resourced identified by DZAR and Mary are sent to you with 48 hours.

The session is infused with a powerful Energy Transmission that begins the change during the session. This Energy Transmission, that we call the Frequency Conversation, means that you begin to change at the Energetic level during the Session. This shift is essential to create the Energetic foundation that supports you to make the changes in your life. The Frequency Conversation is the “magic” of any DZAR conversation because it works whether you are aware of feeling the Energy or not.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Guidance Session is held online using the Zoom video program. Details for how to use Zoom are emailed to you ... it's easy! If you don't have internet access then your Session can also be done via phone at a small additional charge...please contact for details.

As soon as your payment is made you'll be taken to a website page where you can choose from a calendar that shows session times in your local timezone.

Don't worry! Your session can start anywhere from a very broad question (or lack of!) to a very specific one and it will always move to exactly the right place because it is guided by your energy not your thinking!

All audios are in mp3 format and can be downloaded and saved on your own device. They are emailed to you via a download link within 48 hours of your session.

We use Zoom which has a phone app as well as being able to be used on your computer. Access details are emailed to you when you book your Guidance Session.

"I have been living in a Zen Buddhist temple for nearly three years and have struggled relentlessly with my own spiritual journey. Yet is was only after performing meditation assigned to me by DZAR after my first session did that place of joy and peace finally open up within. A very natural and child like joy that was pure spirit and revealed in the celebration of life. After my sessions even my dreams became the stuff of union with the Divine. I am very grateful to DZAR for helping me to finally remember this natural state of joy and content that is our birthright and respite on our spiritual journeys. And many thanks and blessing to Gary and Mary for bringing DZAR's message to us all."


"My sessions with you and DZAR were an amazing, joyous, exciting, inspiring, and loving experience! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love and Peace."


"I have had Private Sessions with DZAR, and can say I feel changed and empowered as a result. DZAR's wise words resonated deeply within my Inner Being, and even though this was conducted via Skype I felt huge compassion and love as though we were in the same room - which of course we were! I have listened to the recordings of these sessions a number of times and each time feel the palpable love and gain more insight and understanding. I am deeply grateful and feeling so good to be "hanging out" in my heart energy so much more. Anything is possible from here!"


"I began talking with DZAR about a challenge I was having in my life that was causing me to feel frustrated and helpless. By the end of the session, with the magical synergy of DZAR + Mary we had identified an underlying false assumption I’d unconsciously been living within. Since then every day feels like a whole new, lighter, more expansive way of living. I feel like I’ve embodied my Light in a beautiful and powerful way. Thanks as always for the amazing session Mary and Gary"

New Zealand

"It was deep and helped to unearth some core issues..."


"Even though you may say that DZAR is a channeled energy of Compassion from All That Is not in physical form, I have developed a relationship with this unconditionally loving energy that is beyond words and physicality. DZAR says there is no separation from me and DZAR; we are all One. And I truly believe that with all my heart. DZAR has truly collaborated with me to assist me to become more of who I truly am, a reflection of my soul in this body. It's difficult to put into words the love and compassion and joy I feel with DZAR that I now truly reflecting me. Test DZAR out for yourself; you might just like it!"


"All 8 decades of my life have been spent coming to terms with a deep yearning for something I couldn't quite explain. I read and I listened, and I learned many things, and searched in many places. Yet something remained elusive until I met DZAR and a Private Hour touched the deepest places in my heart and showed meaning in the unexplained mysteries. And that was only the beginning, their wisdom and compassion led me to path of learning to live and love my Self, at peace within the given surroundings."


"DZAR’s message to me was laser like. There were no prophesies or predictions, just simply a question to me as to why I wasn’t standing in my light and that my past behaviour wasn’t serving my full potential. I recognised this habitual response to life was holding me back. Things started to change because I started to change, after prompting from DZAR. It confirmed in me that we are the masters of our own destiny and sometimes we just need a kick up the bum to lift us from our complacency. Nice kick DZAR!"


"After many years of being on a "spiritual path" it all came to a screeching halt. I wondered why, after all this time, the same issues kept reoccurring in my life. I actually found myself feeling dis-connected from my soul. I stopped all spiritual practices for months. I received an email from a local center about DZAR. A link in the email took me to the website and for the first time in months I felt a connection, a spark that was familiar. I downloaded the Messages from Your Soul book and had my first reading with DZAR the next week. The shift was AMAZING! I've had many readings in my life, but this was a conversation with Compassion. That's what had been missing-compassion for self. Since then, DZAR's teachings and practices have shown me that I was always Whole and Connected and from that Knowing life is so much sweeter!"


"A one-to-one session with DZAR cleared up immeasurable doubt and confusion for me. And the way they do it is so to-the-point and unconditionally loving. One particular reading was like a workshop that I listened to about 8 times over the course of a few months. With each listen-back and practice of each "new" thing that I pick up from the same recording every time, I feel clearer and more connected and integrated in my entire being, leading to more and more acceptance of what-is, inner peace, and growth. My true essence always comes to the fore, in fullness, in DZAR's presence. The best part is, I now have so much stronger knowing that my true essence, and of everyone's, is always present. And so the need to have another session with DZAR or anyone else actually decreases. Because for me, DZAR really points us back quickly to accessing our own innate guidance - that being the point of any true teaching, I would say."


"My first encounter with DZAR was with a Private Reading. It was the most amazing experience I have had so far. Such wisdom, such clarity, such compassion. I continued to feel DZAR's embrace for a couple of days. The nurturing energy feeling awesome. Anything I had a question about - even insights into the sometimes very challenging behaviour of my 7 yr old gelding Marcello - I received a response to."


"It feels great to connect with DZAR as it's the highest wisdom of the universe or my own soul. Whenever I feel as if I need guidance through the darkness, I find it to be greatly useful that I can connect with with the higher energies immediately in the physical realm whenever I wish to, to get the right direction. Thanks to Mary and Gary by bringing these energies to us easily. I'm grateful."


"My experience with DZAR was very sudden, very dramatic. I had this unanswered question…pretty much all my life. I was introduced to DZAR and he lead me to the answer and within a week my life was completely changed. And it was as sudden as that."


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