The Power of Community

Growing & Sharing Together

DZAR speaks to us often about the power and value of community, of us sharing this journey with others and immersing ourselves in the knowing of Self that allows us to live as our Light in each moment of our life. This Campfire Community is designed to do just that.

The Campfires enables you to keep making progress in your own growth and expansion by regularly connecting with DZAR’s message and Frequency of Compassion via email, interactive online webinars and a wealth of audio resources.

Every two weeks you have direct interaction with DZAR and Mary by asking questions during the Campfire webinars so that you can receive your own personal guidance directly from spirit. And if you can’t listen live then you can also email in your questions for Mary to ask on your behalf.

The Campfire Community is the forum where DZAR shares their latest teachings and Frequency so it’s a not-to-be-missed Spiritual resource if you’re truly committed to living your life connected to your Light.

Your membership includes ...

via email to help stay focussed on your true expression of Self in the midst of your busy life. DZAR’s quotes are not just words but also carry a expansive Frequency transmission that supports you to become the change you seek.

All the information, processes and practices shared during the Campfire webinars help you to accelerate and deepen your connection to your Light and to experience more peace, joy and freedom in your life.

As well as all the new Campfire webinars shared during your membership you will also have member-only access to all previous webinars since the Campfire began in 2013.

A loving and insightful conversation where you can share experiences, ask questions and connect with other Campfire Community members via a smartphone app.

for selected workshops and retreats for you and your partner.

If your partner or children living at the same address want to also receive the Campfire emails then just let us know when you join and we'll include them under your membership.

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