Why you feel stuck

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Sometimes your past can feel like it's stuck to you with superglue!

No matter what you try you still feel trapped by the pain of your past and it stops you from moving forward in life.

And to make things worse, you feel guilty because deep down you think you're to blame for what happened.

Maybe you're telling yourself ...

"It's my fault that I failed."

"I knew shouldn't have taken that risk."

"I should have known better."

"I don't know why I let them treat me that way."

You're looking for a way out BUT this pattern of blame and guilt keep you in the past energy that you are so desperately trying to get away from.

You see being every time you are critical of yourself, every time you think you don't deserve better or you doubt that you're worthy of happiness because of your past you disconnect from your TRUE SELF and add MORE superglue to your life! 🥺

BUT here's the good news!!! 🥳🍸 🙌🏼

No matter what's happened in the past and no matter how sticky and superglue-like it feels, you always have the chance to change your life by getting in touch with WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

It's why we LOVE sharing the Saffron Heart because it's one of the easiest and fastest ways to unstick yourself from the superglue of your Taught Self and connect with your TRUE SELF to create your life with more flow, ease and happiness ... we call this a teflon life because the things that aren't a match for who you are choosing to be as you create your new life just won't stick anymore! 🤩

When you tap into the Saffron Heart frequency to dissolve the superglue of your Taught Self thinking that is holding you hostage, you'll start to consistently experience the extraordinary beauty of your True Self. 🥰

And as you start to feel more peaceful and less self critical, you'll feel more worthy and you'll be able to create different relationships and experiences that are a match for the bright and shiny and happy you that is just waiting to come out and play!

So why not give it a go now? 

Add a bit of teflon to your life [!!] with our simple Saffron Heart Energy Alignment Tools that you can use anytime, anywhere to unstick yourself from your past and start living a life consistently guided by your connection to your True Self, you'll create future filled with love, peace and happiness. 🌟

Lots of love

Mary & Gary
The Saffron Heart 💛
Woo Woo that Works

PS When you are free from your past and living a life guided by your True Self, you'll be creating a different future not only for yourself, but also for those you love so it's always a win-win! 🥰

PPS We love hearing the magic that the Saffron Heart creates go drop us a line and let us know how it unfolds for you and we'd love to see you on social too!! 💫