How stagnant energy held in the Earth stops you changing

Imagine for a moment that you are a tree, a tree that is still in the process of growing and has its roots buried deep within the Earth. As this tree, you know that you could reach great heights and you are excited to see how tall and strong you could grow.

However, over time despite your best efforts you notice that your growth is very slow and it sometimes feels like you are standing still and not growing at all. You may begin to feel confused or frustrated, and you may even begin to doubt that you are the magnificent tree that you feel you are inside and instead start to think that maybe you are just a small scrubby, straggly bush after all.

Deep down you KNOW that you are a Being of Light who has always felt drawn towards something ‘bigger’ and you have always kept trying new ways to grow and reach it, to become it…you have never given up looking for ways to return to the fullness of the beautiful Energy that your deeper Knowing has been whispering to you since birth.

All the time that you have been attempting to grow, your tree roots have been drawing water from a toxic and murky aquifer (water table) underneath the Earth’s surface. This stagnant water has enabled you to survive but it has also always held you back and kept you from being all that you could be…all that you truly are.

You are the majestic and beautiful tree that you feel deep inside you but your life doesn’t look like it because there have been old energies held in the Earth’s field that have been keeping you small and struggling…

As a human, you don’t literally draw on a water aquifer in the Earth, but you do draw on the energetic footprints from all your lives that are held within the Earth’s field, within the Earth’s memory of us. This energy aquifer has been holding you back no matter what you try because it is the energy that underpins everything that you do.

So how does your energetic aquifer form and why does it become murky?

DZAR, a channeled spirit energy, explains it like this:

“Imagine that you are rain and that each drop of rain of you has manifested as a life and each drop of you that has hit the earth has sunk into the earth itself. The earth holds a knowing, a memory of you, it doesn’t interpret it, but it allows it to soak into its surface just as it does rain. And that rain, each single drop, filters all the way through until it hits the water table of you, and there all that you are and all that you have been exists.”

Take a moment now to think back to a recent change you’ve tried to create in your life. You possibly found that after the workshop or the individual sessions with a practitioner you felt different, you felt more of the majesty and beauty that you’ve always known was within you.

Then over time, it may have been days or weeks or even months, you noticed that you were feeling less than magnificent and you were back to feeling like the scrubby little bush you’d been trying to get away from.

The reason why the changes didn’t last? Your energetic aquifer! You’d been pruned and fertilised and given a deep water from a fresh well in those change processes but once they finished you were still drawing from the murky aquifer that your roots are deeply planted in. So after a while the pruning, fertilising and fresh water weren’t enough and so your growth slowed…again…

So, there you are once again standing in the forest as this beautiful tree doing as much as you possibly can to ensure you grow to your full potential, yet you are being ‘nourished’ by murky waters made up of old energies of denial, restriction and separation that very often don’t even belong to this lifetime.

The good news is that your murky aquifer can be drained!

The old stagnant energies of past decisions and choices and senses of self can be cleared and removed and replenished with fresh clear energy that will allow you to grow, to thrive, to blossom and to be all the joy and freedom and peace that you know is who you truly are.

Once the water held in the Earth’s aquifer for you is clear, you are able to draw from it and be nourished with the truth of who you are. As your roots drink deeply from this vast reservoir of your Light and Beauty, you can generate and create entirely new possibilities and experiences that will last and will continue to expand as your grow into the magnificent, spreading, majestic tree that has always been waiting to express its true nature.

As you are nurtured and supported by your clear aquifer, you reconnect back to your true lineage as a Being who walks within the Footprints of Light left by the ancient shamans. As you do, your every step fills the Earth’s aquifer with love, compassion and connection not just for yourself but for all humans to draw on and be nourished by. This is your purpose in this life as it has been in each of your lives and as you step into it you will feel your joy and your strength to live as all that you truly are return.

The powerful energy processes that directly clear these stagnant energies has been channeled from the Earth, Teo Ma Pua, and from DZAR.

In each session, you converse directly with the Earth to identify the key sabotage energies held in your aquifer and they are then cleared by the Earth from your field and from theirs. Then using frequency processes including power generator words your aquifer is replenished with your true vibrancy and light so that you can move forward in your life without restriction or old energies holding you back.

It is a powerful and joyful experience that is filled with fascinating insight as the key energies are identified and your true energy is returned to you.

As Teo Ma Pua, the Earth, has said about people’s readiness to remove their stagnant and sabotaging energies…

“You have always walked within the Light upon our surface. You have always shared the beauty of you that has existed and the light of each one of your footsteps has penetrated our surface as well. We are proud and we accept you. We welcome your Wholeness, we welcome your history, and we welcome your Knowing. The Earth’s heart is open to you and will always be.”

Find out more about the Teo Ma Pua Clearing Process and watch the video with DZAR and Mary explaining more here…


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